The beginning of the big process

When Kelly and I attended the Cornell men’s hockey game last Friday, it was a really great experience. We got really lucky being able to be at the game against RPI, seeing as that is a huge part of how Cole got injured, and therefore a huge part of our documentary. We got a lot of good footage of the game and of #14, the guy who hit Cole, which I think could be very useful. We also go to see Cole watching the game while his teammates played and while the guy who put him in the hospital played on the ice. So getting to see that interaction was really cool. Being that close to the ice was a real experience. It was also an interesting experience having to man the camera without a tripod, seeing as there was little to no space to set one up. Needless to say, both Kelly and I now know how heavy those cameras actually are.

Last week, Natalie and Lindsay got a chance to film the locker room and were able to interview some of his teammates.

This week, we also got to interview with Paul Geisler, who specializes in Sport Performance and Exercise Medicine, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation in Sports. He gave us a lot of great information about head and neck injuries and was also able to give us a little bit of information on Cole’s case. I think his interview will be very beneficial to our documentary.

Kelly and Lindsay also met this week with Ed Kelly, the head athletic trainer for the men’s hockey team at Cornell. They will be able to tell you more about how that went, but I heard he gave some good quotes.

So far, our production progress is looking pretty good. More to come.


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