Interview with Deb Bardreau

Today, Lindsay and I met with Cole’s mom for an interview. We had some difficulties with the camera being out of focus. Every time we zoomed in and focused, it was fine, but when we zoomed out, it went back to being out of focus.

The interview was in Park, so we asked PPECS for help but couldn’t figure out what the problem was. So, we found a TVR major who looked at the camera for us. He helped make the image a little more clear, but it still wasn’t perfect.

Since Deb Bardreau was only here for a few hours from Rochester, we had to go on with the interview. However, in class after the actual interview, we realized the problem was with the back focus.

The actual interview itself couldn’t have gone better. Lindsay sat with Cole’s mom and asked great questions. You can tell his mom was really shaken up or her son’s injury. She gave our documentary a personal element. Her sound bites will give viewers that reality that this is a real person who almost lost everything he and his family family had worked for.


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